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Paul McCartney is one of the most famous humans who’s ever lived, one of our reigning living musical geniuses, one of the most prolific and successful artists by any measure in any medium in the last 100 years. But in this new golden age of documentary film, where is the portrait of Paul McCartney?

Underground filmmaker P.B. Conte didn’t know where it was, either, and decided to make one. In a lovingly assembled documentary series distributed on YouTube, Conte turns the spotlight on the legend in , a five-episode, six-hour documentary series focusing on Paul’s life and career from…

When someone spends the pandemic creating a about Paul McCartney’s career after the Beatles, they’re what you would call a serious expert. So here are some very serious listening recommendations from a very seriously knowledgeable P.B. Conte, including a Spotify playlist with song commentaries, featuring several rarities and alternate versions, below the Albums. Enjoy, and leave a highlight or comment if you find something you love!


What’s the most depressing thing about this video?

Video credit: Cenk Albayrak-Touye, in Poole Harbour, Dorset, UK

A) “Thank goodness I had my phone with me so I could capture the moment.” (Actual quote from the news story.)

B) New fwend weft so soon…

C) Oh my God, seals are literally dog mermaids but we can’t give them rubs and ask who’s the best boy. Same as old people. And pimps.

D) Holy shit, humans and wild sea creatures can coexist in shared spaces that are adequate for all, peacefully, without expecting or demanding anything of one another, without exhibiting…

It’s 2010, and with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. It’s hard to imagine that there could be any praise or recited accolade given at such events that McCartney hasn’t heard many times over. But after recounting a handful of these, Obama notes that Paul’s “nearly 200… songs [that] made the charts… stayed on the charts for a cumulative total of 32 years.” Paul looks genuinely taken aback; this seems to be a fresh perspective. His eyes widen, he smiles, and he shakes his head in wonder. The number represents 1,664…

There is a fact about Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, those hemorrhaging boils on Satan’s crusted anus, that I have yet to see noted: these flatulent would-be Napoleons, as well as , knowingly sent some very, very dumb people into very, very big trouble. Cruz and Hawley made unwitting martyrs out of their own supporters — the very people who elevated them to power. Exhibit A is the Fields Medal candidate in the video below. Our protagonist was one of the mob whose identity has been uncovered; in…

It’s all about the ballots

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The loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is monumental. She was a champion of human rights, a groundbreaking attorney, an exceptional jurist, and a bright light of hope and inspiration in an increasingly dark time. May she rest in peace and in power. And may we honor her memory and the great debt we owe her, this octogenarian woman who would not stop working for us during this most dire and treacherous time for our country, by doing everything we can, as effectively as possible, to upend the knee on the throat of our democracy, our rights, and our human…

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